“IMR Program – Dealer Primary Website Compliance Notice”

“IMR Program – Dealer Primary Website Compliance Notice.” GM Global Connect. 13 May 2014.

“Effective March 7, 2014 a change was made to the IMR [In Market Retail] program guidelines regarding Dealer Primary Website Compliance. The change stated that eligibility for Sales IMR Match Funds will require that each dealer’s primary website feature only GM vehicles , products or services.  A dealer’s primary website is defined as the site to which a dealer directs traffic via dealer paid advertising and/or search engine optimization that features GM vehicles, products or services.

The purpose of the IMR program is to create a customer shopping experience that is the most compelling and brand focused environment possible for GM products and services. Like your physical store, your website is your virtual showroom where the customer is coming to shop your vehicle inventory.  It is contrary to the program, and to the interests of GM, to enable websites that include the ability to shop new, non-GM vehicles , products or services…”  read in full